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Partnering with Educators. Engaging Students. Integrating STEAM and the Common Core


IP COE (Community Outreach and Education) is your partner in arts transformation, fostering appreciation, understanding, and love of the performing arts by partnering with the public and private educational community and provides scholarships to its students who exhibit financial need and exemplary skills in the performing arts.

Improv Playhouse Theater for Young Audiences (IP-TYA) commenced 5 years ago with a commitment to engaging students and enhancing communities  through the performing arts. We strive to highlight the importance of imaginative thinking and giving children the opportunity to solve problems on their own volition. Our entertaining, musical shows bring well-known stories to life to teach children valuable lessons of respect, fairness, and initiative. Our first show was a devised adaptation of Peter and the Wolf and we've gone on to create new devised works each year including:

Ranger Tales: The True Stories of America's National Parks and the Environment

The Ugly Duckling

The Diary of Anne Frank

The Chronicles of Narnia

Stone Soup

Mini Masterpieces:  A Collage of Short Story Classics

Hansel and Gretel

The Three Little Pigs

Little Red Riding Hood

The Emperor's New Clothes


Jack and the Beanstalk


Golilocks and the Three Bears

Peter and the Wolf




Chicken Little


Improv Playhouse Theater for Young Audiences is committed to producing a variety of unique, interactive programs. We engage the medium of theatre to bring classic folk tales to life. IP-TYA has developed supplemental materials that incorporate the STEAM initiative which provides activities and ideation for teachers to utilize both before and after our performances. IP-TYA has reached over 80,000 students since its inception bringing classic stories to life with lessons of respect, hope, inclusion and historical impact

Our veteran cast of professional actors will bring these programs to your venue or school!

We have performed everywhere... from the corner of a hallway all the way to a 500 seat auditorium. No space is too large or too small!

Diary of Anne Frank

Spring 2021



Summer 2021



Fall 2020


Halloween Spooktacular!

An Interactive, Virtual Haunted House for Kids!

Join a feisty team of trick-or-treaters on a haunted house heist for the perfect candy! Heroes and monsters! Flying pumpkins and haunted peanut butter! Zombie butlers and magic powers! Choose-your-own scary good adventure as you embark on the epic Halloween Challenge at Haunted Hazelnut House!

Year Round Programming

Anti-Bullying/PBIS-TIPS Programming

Prevent Bullying in Schools (PBIS)

Teaching & Implementing Positive Safety (TIPS)

We combine interactive games and puppetry with a few tips to keep your school positive and bully free. We also allow a brief discussion at the end for students to ask questions and share any relevant experiences.

Contact Us:

Susannah Stengel -Creative Director


To book a program for your students email us at improvplayhousetya@gmail.com or

call 847-968-4529.

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